433 PICTURES at Sundance 2013!!!

Robert Machoian has two short films at Sundance this year! Part of a series of 18 films that are shot around his home and with his family.  We are excited and proud!

Forty Years From Yesterday Kickstarter

Hey everyone! I am shooting a feature film in KING CITY with my Dad. It’s a film about the idea of my mother dying. We made a short last year about it. It’s posted if you would like to see it.

My Dad Bruce Graham is the star!

We are raising money right now on Kickstarter to make the film, from finish to end. Please if you can help Donate! We will give you incentives in return, and once it’s finished we will hold a screening in King City!

Hit the link and Donate please! Help me represent King City the the world!

Waiting Room Festival Dates

Carmel Art & Film Festival – October 12-16, 2011

2011 Starz Denver Film Festival – November 2 – 14, 2011

Cucalorus Film Festival – November 10-13, 2011

Austin Film Festival – October 20 – 27, 2011

Tacoma Film Festival – October 6 – 13, 2011

WATING ROOM will be playing at the LA FILM FESTIVAL

After a significant event takes place, a man experiences an unexpected suspension of time.

DANCE OF DAYS Premiers at the Athens Film and Video Festival in Athens, Ohio on April 26th

DANCE OF DAYS, a short experimental piece by Robert Machoian, Ian Graham and Bruce Graham, will Premier at the Athens
Film and Video festival in Athens, Ohio April 26th, at 4:30pm
DANCE OF DAYS, is a 4minute two channel piece about the internal and external conflict of a damages girl trying to fit in. Website Redesign

After a year of hustle and bustle FOUR THIRTY-THREE PICTURES is proud to announce a new website design, thanks
to Ian and all his hard work and knowledge. Our hope with this redesign, is that we will be able to share more of our work
with you, and the work of other artist making great work around the country and world.

The design we are launching is the first phase in a series of phase, with the hope of having a shopping chart so films can be
purchased, an interview page with interview of filmmakers we meet on the festival circuit, a review page so we can share the
many great works we are seeing, and so much more. We are extremely excited and appreciative for those of you who have
shown your love and support! Please surf around and if there are any ticks that need to be worked out, please send us an
email on our contact page.

Premier of Season Two of the American Nobodies tomorrow night at 9pm

We are excited to announce that SEASON TWO of the AMERICAN NOBODIES, it will begin tomorrow night at 9pm,
please tune in! We also have a new design for the site, with a bigger media player!

Check it out at

CHARLIE AND THE RABBIT, plays at the Sarasota Film Festival

Charlie and the Rabbit plays at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 16 and 17th. See link for more details.

Waiting Room Premiers at The Dallas Film Festival April 1st and 2nd

Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck and Robert Machoian will be premiering their new short film WAITING ROOM at the
Dallas International film festival this weekend. This marks the third year in a row that they have presented a film
at Dallas. Market as one of their favorite festivals, due to the amazing programers, giant roads
and burgers that will kill you if you are not a native to Texas, this makes for a great achievement for the

Unfortunately due to the economy and the 4.00 per gallon gas prices! They will not be able to attend the

Below is a link to the film guide, if you are in the area please attend and support the film and the Dallas
International Film Festival.